Sugar prices down, fertiliser prices up

tải xuống (7) The price of sugar had gone down while those of six other essential goods had gone up in the first four months of the year, the Ministry of Finance said.

Chemical fertilisers showed the highest price increase, up 25 per cent, while the lowest was animal feed, up 1.05-2.56 per cent.

Enterprises in Ha Noi and HCM City adjusted the price of oil and gas five times, up 4.55 per cent to 11.92 per cent. Prices of other commodities like milk powder, cement and steel also increased.

The ministry detected four out of 21 enterprises had set unfairly high prices. For example, Hoang Mai Cement Joint Stock Co increased its average selling price by 18.95 per cent or VND163,600 per tonne, while input material prices rose 16.3 per cent compared to last year.

Many enterprises had not followed regulations in registering, declaring and listing prices, the ministry reported and it had found cases of tax law violations, collecting more than VND20.7 billion (US$1 million) in unpaid taxes and fines.

The ministry said it had asked enterprises to maintain reasonable prices.


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