What Do Peonies Look Like?


Peonies are perennial flowers that are a favorite among many gardeners. The beautiful large blossom fills the air with a pleasant fragrance. Colors range from light pink to dark pink, red, and even yellows. According to the Garden Helper, peonies can survive for up to 50 years, if the site in which they are planted is prepped thoroughly before planting.


  • Peonies are typically between 2 and 4 feet tall. According to the Garden Helper, a mature peony plant will grow to become approximately 3 feet or more in diameter, so be sure to space them accordingly so they can grow and thrive.

    Peony plants may require support, especially the taller or double hybrid peonies, according to The University of Rhode Island.

    According to NDSU College of Agriculture, peonies have a variety of flower forms that consist of beautiful colors and attractive foliage. The pleasant-looking foliage remains long after the flowers have faded.

    Some peonies are solid in color, while others are variegated. Blossoms range from full and round, resembling a large rose, to less dense and flatter with fewer petals, resembling a daisy. Blossoms are fairly large, with some as much as 10 inches in diameter. The thick, green, woody foliage is a wonderful backdrop for these colorful gems.

Different Types

  • Although there are hundreds of different peonies, there are three types of peonies that are recommended for the beginning gardener: double flowered, single flowered and Japanese flowered, according to NDSU College of Agriculture.

    Double-flowered peonies are ideal for making bouquets because they are have so many petals and are so full. Due to the nature of being large and full, these will require support to be held upright.

    Single-flowered peonies are known for their large blooms which are often very flat and can grow to be 6 inches in diameter.

    Japanese-flowered peonies are lighter and more simple in comparison to the double-flowered peonies. Due to their more simple structure, they usually do not require support.

Growing Peonies

  • According to the Garden Helper, once peonies have been planted in a conducive environment and have established themselves, they are relatively easy to grow and reasonably free of maintenance and problems.

    Peonies are perennials that bloom in late spring. The best time for planting peonies is in September or October, so that they may establish themselves before winter.

    Peonies do best in sunny areas and tolerate a large range of soil types. Soil should be well-draining and have a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5.

    Peonies.net offers over 180 different varieties of peonies, far more than you would find in any store or garden center.

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