How to Propagate Peonies


Peonies not only provide a burst of color each spring, but, with proper care and adequate light, can last several decades. These plants range in color from white to many shades of pink, red and yellow; making them ideal specimen plants for brightening any corner of the yard. Propagation generally entails lifting and dividing the large root system to create new plants.



Things You’ll Need
  • Garden spade/fork
  • Sharp knife
    1. Dig peonies in late summer or early fall. Cut back all foliage to ground level and water the plant for 1 to 2 days.
    2. Use a garden spade or fork to dig a circle around the base of the peony plant. Lift the root ball from the soil and shake gently to remove any loose soil.
    3. Spray the root crown with water to remove any remaining soil. Place in a shady location for several hours. The root crown will soften making it easier to cut the crown into sections for planting.
    4. Inspect the crown for eyes, small buds that grow from the roots. You will need at least three eyes for each section for your new planting to grow well.
    5. Cut the root crown into several pieces. The number of root divisions depends on the size of the crown.
    6. Prepare a bed for your new peonies plant; it must have similar lighting and soil conditions. Generally peonies require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight and soil that drains well to thrive.
    7. Plant sections in prepared soil. The eyes must be 2 inches below the level of the soil. Water well and keep moist throughout the fall to allow the roots to develop.

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