About Pink Peonies


Peonies are a perennial shrub flower that blooms in early summer. The flowers represent prosperity, peace and happiness. They come in red, white and pink blooms with pink being the most popular color, especially for wedding bouquets.

Unmarried Women

  • Light pink peony.

    Chinese tradition states that it is unacceptable to send a pink peony to a married woman. Only single women can receive pink peonies, according to MyExpression.com.


  • Pink peonies bloom from late May through the middle of June. They can be double or single blooms.

Double Flowered Varieties

  • Popular pink double-flowered varieties include Myrtle Gentry, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Therese and Doris Cooper, which are all light pink. Dark pink double-flowered varieties include Queen of Hamburg, Sarah Bernhardt, Mons. Jules Elie and Mrs. Livingston Farrand.

Single Flowered Varieities

  • Single flowered varieties are usually light pink in color. Varieties include sea shell and Helen.


  • Japanese peonies that have pink blooms include the varieties known as Westerner and Tokio, according to North Dakota State University.


  • MyExpression.com recommends considering your guest list when deciding to include a pink peony design on your wedding invitations. Guests of Asian decent, especially Chinese, may find these offensive.

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