How to Transplant Peonies in the Spring


If you missed transplanting the peonies during the recommended fall season, then you can still plant them in spring. The peony flowers adapt well to their environments, and live for extended periods when compared to other flowers. The newly transplanted peonies need to be watered regularly to keep the ground moist enough for the flowers to thrive. Once you transplant the flowers, you will need to monitor the blooms the first year. They typically do not fully develop until the second and third growing seasons.



Things You’ll Need
  • Peony plants
  • Shears
  • Gardening shovel
  • Organic fertilizer
    1. Add water to the peonies before you transplant them in your garden. Water the ground at least one day before to make it easier to dig them up from the ground.
    2. Cut the foliage to 3 inches above the ground with shears. This makes it convenient to hold onto to the flower when you begin transplanting.
    3. Pick a well-drained location. The area also needs to receive plenty of direct sunlight. Use a garden shovel to dig a hole 18 inches in depth and 25 inches wide.
    4. Add organic fertilizer to the hole. This will ensure that the flower stays healthy.
    5. Dig around the peony 12 inches away from the center and at least 12 inches deep. Tap the flowerpot on the side and bottom to loosen the dirt. Ensure that you remove as much of the roots as possible.
    6. Hold the plant by its top. Pour water over the roots to remove excess dirt.
    7. Align the crown of the root at ground level. Inspect the peony to make sure that the buds stay less than 2 inches below ground level. Fill the hole with the soil that you dug up previously. Make sure the roots spread when you fill the hole.
    8. Water the peonies daily until they settle. Continue to water the peonies when the soil dries.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place 2 inches of mulch around the plant to protect it during the winter.

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