How to Propagate Japanese Peonies From Seeds


You can propagate Japanese peonies through either a process of root division or by planting seeds. If you decide to grow Japanese peonies from seeds, your timeline will include several weeks for germination and perhaps several years until you see your first peony bloom. The propagation process is a challenge, but the outcome is worth it. According to, a breeder who desires to create a new variety of Japanese peony can do so only through propagating from seeds.

Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need
  • Japanese peony seeds
  • Small resealable plastic bag
  • Vermiculite or soil-less germination mix
  • Water
  • Strong grow lights
  • Refrigerator
    1. Place your Japanese peony seeds into a resealable bag. Add barely moist vermiculite or soil-less germination mix to begin propagating Japanese peonies from seeds. Reseal the bag.
    2. Move the sealed plastic bag to a warm indoor area. Keep the bag in warm surroundings until roots appear. suggests keeping the bag away from sunlight when propagating. Check the bag weekly for visible signs of sprouting. Keep the interior of the bag moist with water but not saturated. Be patient as the range for appearance of roots is three weeks to several months.
    3. Move the bag to a cool location when your Japanese peony seeds display roots approximately 1 inch in length. recommends a temperature of 40 degrees F. so consider placing them in a refrigerator. Keep seeds in the cool environment for 10 to 12 weeks. Seedlings are germinated when shoots grow from the main root.
    4. Transfer your seedling outside if the time of year warrants Japanese peony planting. If you must wait, pot seedlings in soil-less germination mix and keep them under strong grow lights. Transfer your seedlings outdoors by late summer. According to, Japanese peonies require sun to partial shade and regular watering so plant accordingly.

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