How to Water Peonies

1 Peonies are perennial flowers that require very little care. Peonies grow in full sun, and bloom in the spring, typically around May. Once you have planted your peonies, however, it is important to establish a good watering schedule for them. As with any plant, establishing the correct level of irrigation is essential to their overall maintenance.



Things You’ll Need
  • Watering can or hose
    1. Water peonies immediately after planting them. This will encourage the soil to settle in around the roots. The soil should be well-saturated.
    2. The first year, water your peonies every week during the growing season. This helps them take root. The following years, they will have become established and your soil will likely have enough natural moisture to maintain their growth without regular watering.
    3. Saturate the soil around your established peonies every two weeks when they are in season if there hasn’t been much rain. However, make sure the soil has dried out a couple of inches down before you water again.

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