Where Can I Purchase Peony Cages?

tải xuống (3) Peonies are beautiful flowers that bloom in the late spring and early summer. Unfortunately, they become heavy, causing the bush to droop and the flowers to touch the ground. Protect them by using a peony cage.

Purpose of a Peony Cage

  • The peony cage is used to keep the stalks of the peony bush upright when the flowers bloom and droop due to their weight.


  • The peony cage resembles a green plant stand, except there are several holes through which the individual stalks can grow. Another style includes a simple green circle with three green support legs.

Where to Buy Peony Cages

  • Peony cages can be found in the gardening section of most major retailers, as well as local greenhouses.

When to Buy Peony Cages

  • Peony cages are available at many retailers in the late winter and early spring. They often sell out by late spring, so purchase early.

When to Use a Peony Cage

  • Set up the peony cage when stalks begin to grow and guide the peony stalks through the holes as they get bigger.

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