Tree Peony


The tree peony originally comes from China, and it is a woody shrub that produces large, flat flowers in a variety of colors. It is a vibrant ornamental to plant as a single specimen, and it makes excellent cut flowers.


  • The tree peony needs a well-drained, fertile soil that is slightly alkaline. They are hardy down to zone 3, and in colder areas, they do well when planted in full sun. In warmer areas, however, they should be planted with access to some shade during the middle part of the day.


  • Plant peonies during the fall. Space them at least 3 feet apart from other plants so that they can achieve their full mature growth. After they are in the ground, put down a shallow layer of mulch to protect them from pushing up during the frost.


  • The tree peony cultivar Glory of Shanghai produces glossy flowers in vibrant pink flowers, while the Kaoh cultivar produces deep red blooms. The Robert Fortune cultivar produces salmon flowers with attractive fringed petals, while the Godaishu cultivar creates large white blooms

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