Peony Blooming Time


Peonies thrive only in regions that experience colder temperatures, which they require to ensure a period of dormancy. If you live in a warm region of the United States, such as Florida, southern Texas or Arizona, you may not be able to enjoy peony blooms.

Blooming Requirements

  • Peony blooms may be too heavy for their stem and need extra support.

    Peony plants emerge as red shoots in early to late spring once temperatures are consistently above freezing. They grow quickly if the roots have become established and produce blooms from mid- to late spring according to Clemson University Extension. Blooms are heavy and stems may need to be supported to keep them from falling over.

Life Cycle

  • New ly planted peonies sometimes grow for three years before blooming.

    Peonies may be purchased as a packaged root or a potted plant from garden shops and are generally long-lived plants, but they might not bloom for the first three years after planting.


  • Peonies planted in shade will not thrive and may not bloom. Six hours of full sun each day is required during the growing season to ensure healthy plants and vibrant blooms.


  • Use pruning shears to deadhead your peonies.

    Deadheading is essential for the health of the roots. After blooms have died, cut them off and discard them so the plant can store energy instead of using it for seed production. The plant may be cut back to the ground once the stems have browned or died.

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