When Are Peonies in Season in Australia?


Dubbed the ‘Queen of Flowers’ peonies are well suited for Australian climates and are in season from mid-to-late October until mid-December. Established peonies are drought resistant and the root systems shut down during hot summers.

Tree Peonies

  • Tree peonies bloom in the spring until summer, roughly mid-October to mid-December. Tree peonies are harder to propagate, graft and are slower to grow, averaging three years until flowers appear. Blooms are available in an assortment of colors except blue. During the first flowering season, flowers may be small and untrue to the real color. Tree peonies do not require a cold winter and are suited to the northern states.

Herbaceous Peonies

  • Herbaceous peonies feature layers of delicate petals that form large flower-heads and bloom in spring until summer. Cooler winter temperatures in Australia’s southern states make herbaceous peonies easier to grow.

Peony Blooms

  • Peonies take four to five years to produce blooms. Peonies dislike wet roots and to avoid burning during hot summers or short flowering seasons it is best to plant bulbs in a semi-shaded area.

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