How to Order Peony Plants


The large colorful blooms and showy leaves of the peony plant make this perennial a gardener’s favorite showpiece. There are two varieties of the peony, the tree and the herbaceous — but there are hundreds of subvarieties. Despite their popularity, peonies are not readily available in all areas. Order different hues of pink, white or red peonies, and fill up your garden with these large vibrant plants. Before placing your order, know when to order and what you should ask for.



    1. Pick which type of peony you want to purchase. The tree variety grows into 4-foot tall shrubs and likes direct sun. Herbaceous peonies are plants that grow from bulbous roots. They also prefer full sun.
    2. Measure your garden area, writing down the length and width of the planting area. Plant solo plants at 2 1/2 to 5 feet apart. Plant peonies closer together for a grouping look, but leave at least 30 inches between them.
    3. Write down your estimate of how many bulbs you will need.
    4. Visit online nurseries and shop around for the colors and type you want. Place an online order by using a credit card, or call the company’s ordering department. Alternatively, you could visit a nursery or a garden center or look at a catalog to select and purchase the plants.

Tips & Warnings

  • Order your plants in the late summer so that they will be ready for planting in fall. Peonies root best in the fall season.

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