How to Store Your Peony Rhizomes

0 The peony is a flower that relies on a tuberous root segment known as a rhizome to grow. The normal growth of peony rhizomes can quickly cause overcrowding in a flower bed, requiring occasional dividing. Store these extra peony rhizomes properly and you will be able to replant them at a later time.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Spade
  • Vermiculite
  • Peat moss
  • Knife
  • Fungicide solution
  • Plastic zipper bag
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol
    1. Remove rhizomes from the ground in late fall or early winter as the plants begin to die back in preparation for winter. Dig carefully around each plant, taking care not to harm the rhizome.
    2. Break away loose dirt from the root, cleaning each as much as possible without washing. Cut roots into rhizome sections with between 3 to 5 eyes on each one.
    3. Remove any damaged areas of the rhizome section using an alcohol-sterilized knife.
    4. Soak the peony rhizomes in a prepared fungicide solution according to manufacturer directions. Allow to soak for at least 10 minutes each.
    5. Allow rhizomes to dry completely on a flat surface such as a paper towel or newspaper. Drying time can take up to five days.
    6. Punch small holes in a zipper plastic bag for ventilation and drainage. Fill the plastic bag with a mixture of damp vermiculite and peat moss, and then place the rhizomes inside. Seal the bag completely.
    7. Store the plastic bag in a cool and dark area. Check your rhizomes on a weekly basis for rot. Remove any rotting areas to prevent the spread of disease. Store your rhizomes until you are ready to plant them in the spring.

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