When Are Peonies in Season?


Peonies are easy to grow, winter hardy and relatively disease-free. Their large, fragrant flowers make a beautiful display in the garden or in the home as an arrangement of cut flowers. The same peony plant can continue to bloom for several years.


  • Peonies should be planted in September or October. They can also be planted in the spring, but may not bloom for one to two years. Peonies prefer sun but can still grow well in partial shade.


  • Peonies bloom for one week in late spring through early summer, depending on the species and geographic location. To extend flowering for six to eight weeks, plant a variety of early-, mid- and late-season bloomers. Peonies will bloom more when planted on a northern exposure.


  • Garden peonies are classified by flower shape, including single, double, semi-double, anemone and Japanese. They come in pink, rose, purple, scarlet, white, yellow, coral, cream and crimson.

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