When Do Peonies Bloom in Minnesota?


Peonies are winter-hardy perennials that are easy to grow. Their large showy flowers, either in pink or white, look lovely in the garden and as cut flowers. Peonies may live for 30 years or more.

Time Frame

  • In Minnesota, peonies bloom in spring, somewhere between mid May to the beginning of June. Peonies are often in full bloom right around Memorial Day. Their foliage stays attractive from early spring until fall frost.


  • Common reasons peonies may not bloom include immaturity, crowding, deep planting and insufficient sunlight. Peonies may require a few years of growing before they flower if they have just been planted or divided. The top of the peony tuber eyes should be no more than 2 inches below the soil surface. Peonies grow best in full sun but will bloom as long as they receive four to five hours of direct sunlight per day.


  • In some cases, peonies will bloom more than once during a season — as long as you don’t cut them for the flowers. The second bloom will not be as vigorous. Once flowers on the plant have died, cut them off so the plant doesn’t waste energy producing seed.

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