White Peony Flowers


White peonies are used for several purposes, from alternative medicine to home decor. The blooms prove beneficial, whether you’re looking for a natural method to cure common ailments or want a fresh new centerpiece.


  • White peony flowers are often used in wedding bouquets, since peonies symbolize romance and a happy marriage. The white color denotes innocence and purity, making white peonies even more fitting for weddings. Peonies are also the flower associated with the 12th wedding anniversary.


  • White peonies also make a fresh and appealing indoor centerpiece, as the blooms are large and eye-catching. The flowers also have a pleasant fragrance; some have a citrus-like scent, while other peonies smell similar to roses, according to Hidden Springs Flower Farm. Some people claim that white peony eases the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and anxiety, according to the GoSymmetry website.


  • If you’re growing white peonies in your home garden, purchase the flowers from the local nursery and plant them early in the fall. Plant the flowers in an area of the yard that receives full sun; if the summers are extremely hot where you live, plant the white peonies where they will get light summer shade. If the flowers’ roots are dry upon purchase, soak the roots overnight before planting.

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