When to Plant Peonies in Oklahoma


Peonies make any Oklahoma garden a showplace with their bowl-shaped blooms standing on tall stalks. But there are two distinct times of year in which to plant them for the best results.

Container-grown Peonies

  • Mix compost into the hole before planting your peony in the garden.

    Peonies in a container should be planted in either spring or fall. This will give the plants time to adapt to the conditions in your Oklahoma garden. Dig a hole twice the size of the pot the plant is in and place the top of the root ball at garden surface level.

Bare-Root Peonies

  • Planting bare roots deeper than 2 inches could cause a failure in bloom setting.

    Bare-root peonies should be planted in either late summer or early fall so they have the winter dormancy period to get ready for spring growth. The bare roots should be planted only 2 inches below the top of the soil.

Peony Care

  • Water your Oklahoma peonies once per week in the summer if you’ve had less than an inch of rain.

    Once your peonies are established, place a top dressing of compost followed by an inch or 2 of mulch every spring to help keep weeds at bay. Tall varieties of peonies should be staked so the stems don’t break in wind and rain.

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