How Do You Deadhead Peonies?


One of the most effective ways of keeping your peony plants looking their best is to deadhead spent blooms. This practice will also help promote more blossoms this season and give you a stronger plant for next year. Deadheading prevents the flower heads from going to seed, allowing you to control the plants in your garden.



Things You’ll Need
  • Scissors or pruning sheers
    1. Grasp the spent peony flower head in one hand.
    2. Cut the stem of the flower head just above the first leaves closest to the head. Set the deadhead aside for the compost or trash.
    3. Continue to deadhead any remaining spent blooms on the plant.

Tips & Warnings

  • Deadheading takes the plant’s nutrients away from the seed head and provides them back to the plant itself.

  • You can also simply pinch off the spent blooms from the stem, if desired.

  • If you have a particular favorite peony plant, you can let one or two heads "go to seed" so you will have seeds to plant in next year’s garden.

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