What Month Do Peonies Bloom in?


Peonies (Paeonia spp.) are deciduous perennials that also grow as shrubs. The two widely grown peony types include the garden peony or Paeonia spp. and tree peony or Paeonia suffruticosa. Like all flowering plants, peonies bloom at a specific time during the year.

Bloom Time

  • Peonies bloom for a week between late spring and early summer displaying large five petaled, fragrant flowers with a center of pollen bearing stamens. You can extend the bloom time for up to six weeks by using early, mid and late seasons varieties.

Factors Affecting Bloom

  • The plants often do not bloom for the first few years. However, plants that fail to bloom for extended periods are likely to be suffering from certain problems. These include the use of excessive nitrogen, a deficiency of potassium or phosphorus and inadequate sunlight. Deeply planted peonies or those damaged by late spring freezes also fail to bloom properly.

Cultural Conditions

  • Plant peonies in areas of full sun for optimal growth. If you live in hot regions, select areas that get a little shade from the mid-afternoon sun. Water regularly and space plants for adequate air circulation. Apply mulch in warmer areas, as this helps to keep the roots cool.

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