How to Force Peony Buds to Open


The peony is a flower that has long been prized in the Chinese and Japanese cultures. The origin of the flower dates back to early Chinese culture when it was grown for its ornamental and medicinal uses. Today, peonies are grown across the United States and used for special occasions, from weddings to dinner parties. Forcing a peony to open prematurely will help ensure that your blooms are full and ready for the event.



Things You’ll Need
  • Sharp garden shears
  • Vase
  • Sharp scissors
    1. Hold the closed peony stems under cool running water.
    2. Cut the bottom 1/2 inch from the stems on the diagonal with a pair of sharp garden shears. This will allow the stems to more effectively absorb water.
    3. Fill a vase three-fourths full with warm water.
    4. Arrange the unopened peonies in the vase. Cut off any leaves that fall below the water line with a pair of sharp scissors. Removing these leaves will allow the stem and bloom to absorb more water.
    5. Set the vase into a warm area. Choose a place that will allow the peonies access to direct sunlight, such as a windowsill or table that is next to a window.
    6. Allow the blooms to remain in this warm spot until they begin to open. Change the water two to three times a day. Fill the vase with warm water to help the blooming process along.
    7. Move the peonies to a cooler spot or place them into the refrigerator once the blooms have begun to open. This will help the peonies remain vibrant longer.

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