When to Dig Up Peonies in Mississippi?


Peonies are perennial bushes and can live for more than 50 years when they receive the right care. That longevity may mean that they outgrow their planting site and require a transplant. In Mississippi, dig up and transplant peonies in early fall so they can establish in their new site before winter arrives.


  • According to North Carolina State University, the best times for planting or transplanting peonies is in early fall, or September to October. This timing holds true for Mississippi as well, as the first frost dates in the state average around the end of October.


  • It’s important that you prepare any transplant ahead of time to avoid harming the peonies during the process. Find a new site where the plant will get full sunshine for eight hours a day, with quick drainage and plenty of space. Peonies need at least 3 to 4 feet of space around their planting site.

Soil and Compost

  • You should mix quick-draining soil and organic compost into the new site to provide nutrition and drainage for the peony after transplanting. You should also plant the peonies at the same depth in their new site as they had in their old site.

Time of Day

  • It’s a good idea to dig up and transplant any plant in early morning or late afternoon to keep the plant’s roots from drying during the move. Transplanting in midday may lead to the plant failing in the new location.

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