How to Keep My Geraniums From Freezing


Countless hours are spent on your hands and knees watering and pruning your garden. Then, the dreaded frost arrives and many times, it ruins all your hard labor. Geraniums are one of the many kinds of plants that are ruined if left out in the cold all winter. There are simple ways, like being proactive and watching for frosts in the weather forecast, to prevent this from happening.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Scissors
  • Potting oil
  • Pots –one pot per geranium
    1. Check the weather. When you begin to feel a chill in the air as fall approaches, watch the weather report very carefully. You will want to make sure you do not have your geraniums outside when the first frost arrives.
    2. When you see that the first frost is coming soon, you will need to cut your geraniums back. Look for the shortest and bushiest geraniums you have. During the winter months, the bushy geraniums will spread even wider, which will help you to get a more beautiful outcome in the spring when you replant. "Cutting back" means trimming them to half their size.
    3. Take each cutting you have and shake off any extra dirt. It is always best to start each new growth with fresh soil and space for new nutrients to penetrate the plant. Old dirt that is hanging on the plant can actually create a barrier between the new soil and old growth.
    4. Place what you have cut in 6 inches of potting soil in a pot; put one plant per pot.
    5. Be sure to water your pots regularly as they are growing and keep them in an area that receives a high amount of sunshine and does not go over 60 degrees F. A window that faces south or west will gain the most natural sunlight.
    6. During the winter months, bend back the tips of new growth to encourage them to branch out.
    7. Once spring has arrived and you are sure there is no longer a chance of frost, place your geraniums back outside where you originally grew them.
    8. You can repeat this process every year to prevent losing all your hard work and beautiful plants.

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