How to Overwinter Geraniums


If you have enjoyed your beautiful geraniums all summer, you can continue to enjoy bright blooms all winter with a few simple steps. You can then replant them in the summer and enjoy your geraniums all over again. Read on to learn how.



Things You’ll Need
  • Clean and disinfected knife
  • Rooting media
  • Pot
  • Good light
  • Water
    1. It is best to use a new cutting from your plant for fresh growth. This reduces the risk of carrying over health problems. Take the cuttings at the end of September or early August.
    2. Disinfect the knife you will use to take the cutting with a solution of one part bleach to eight parts water. Disinfect the knife between cuttings. This prevents the spread of fungus or bacteria.
    3. Remove the excess leaves and stipules on the stem. The stipule is a little outgrowth from the base of the stem.
    4. Stick the cutting in rooting media. Peat pellets, coarse sand or perlite work well, too.
    5. Water and mist the cuttings. Keep the cutting in indirect light while rooting and move to full sun when it blooms.
    6. Give the cutting a gentle tug to check the roots. The cutting should start to root in about two weeks.
    7. Pot the cuttings about four weeks after they were cut.
    8. You can also overwinter the whole plant. Cut it back hard and re-pot it in fresh soil. Keep the plant in the sunniest spot possible. Water only once a week and don’t feed during the winter. Don’t start feeding until spring. Cut back spindly growth around March and your plant will be full in May.

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