Red Geranium Care


Red geraniums are a staple in summer bedding, containers and hanging baskets. Their bright red blossoms provide a nice contrast to the light green foliage. They are tolerant, easy-to-grow plants.

Starting Plants

  • Geraniums can be started from seed or grown from cuttings. Nursery grown plants are produced both ways and are usually ready to bloom or are in bloom as soon as spring’s last frost is past.


  • The common red geranium is known as a zonal geranium and are usually cultivars of Pelargonium x hortorum. Other geranium types include ivy leafed, scented and citronella-scented.


  • Plant geraniums as soon as the last frost is over in a well-draining soil with organic matter mixed in. Grow in full sun and let them dry out slightly between watering.


  • In cool climates, geraniums are usually treated as annuals, but they can be overwintered in a cool humid basement between 35 and 45 degrees F. Remove all the soil from the roots, trim the plant down to 6 inches and hang it upside down. Periodically mist or soak the plant in water to prevent it from totally drying out.

Indoor Growing

  • Geraniums grown indoors prefer temperatures between 60 to 75 degrees F during the day and 55 degrees F at night. Use a pot that drains well and a light potting soil meant for houseplants. Keep your geraniums in bright, diffused light. Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.

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