About Geranium Plants


According to CreativeHomeMaking.com, the geranium plant is a popular flowering plant used to decorate windows or hanging baskets, or for creating potpourris. They bear bright, aromatic flowers that help add color to any garden.


  • Common types of geranium plants include zonal geraniums, ivy-leaved geraniums, scented geranium and mosquito geraniums. Zonal and ivy-leaved geraniums are used to decorate gardens or houses, whereas scented and mosquito geraniums are used to flavor teas, repel insects and add a strong scent to sachets.


  • Geranium flowers can be white, pink or red. Some geranium plant hybrids bear bi-colored flowers.


  • Geranium plants grow well in porous, well-aerated soil where plenty of sunlight is available.


  • According to the University of Rhode Island, botrytis, a type of fungus, can infect geranium plants in wet seasons. Bacteria can also infect plants and cause them to wilt, especially if the temperature is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Geranium plants originated in South Africa. They were transported to Europe in the 1600s, where they were was hybridized for personal use.

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