How to Propagate Trailing Ivy Geraniums

zzz Ivy geraniums are popular with gardeners for their vibrant color, trailing vines of blooms and easy maintenance. Trailing ivy geraniums feature cascading blooms of fuschia, magenta, orange, scarlet or white, and their dark green, veined leaves that resemble ivy. They will even bloom year-round in climates that have no frost. These hardy plants grow well in planters, window boxes and hanging baskets from late spring to fall. Tough and long-lasting, ivy geraniums are best propagated through cuttings, but can also be grown from seed.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • 4-inch flowerpots
  • Bucket
  • Garden gloves
  • Potting soil
  • Garden sand
  • Sharp knife
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
    1. Prepare the growing medium, which must be sandy soil that drains well. In a bucket, mix one part garden sand with two parts potting soil. Mix thoroughly. Fill small flowerpots with your amended soil, and water it thoroughly.
    2. Take cuttings from a mature trailing ivy geranium plant with a sharp knife. Cut the stems 5 inches from the tip of a growing vine. Trim off any leaves 2 inches above the base of each cutting.
    3. Tuck a cutting into each pot you’ve prepared. Place the potted cuttings where they will receive indirect light, not full sun. Keep them moist until they develop roots, usually in two to three weeks.
    4. Tug gently on the cuttings after a month to test the strength of developing roots If they resist being pulled out, they’re growing well. If not, you may need to take more cuttings and try again.
    5. Transplant your ivy geraniums into permanent containers of your choice after two months. Trailing ivy geraniums are attractive in window boxes, hanging baskets, and in tall pots of varying heights. Whatever your choice, keep in a sunny spot, and fertilize with each watering for healthy, cascading flowers and vines.
    6. Collect and crush seed pods when they turn brittle and brown to get the seeds out. Scratch the hard seed coat with a sharp knife, to allow water to enter more easily and increase the chance of germination.
    7. Plant several geranium seeds 1/2 inch deep in each small pot filled with the same soil type used for cuttings. Keep moist and warm in a sunny spot, indoors or out. Geraniums will germinate in 7 to 14 days.
    8. Fertilize seedlings every two weeks until they are about 2 inches tall. Separate seedlings and plant them in individual pots. When your geraniums are about 5 inches tall, transplant to permanent containers.

Tips & Warnings

  • It’s faster and easier to grow trailing ivy geraniums from cuttings. The cutting method also ensures that color and texture of leaves and flowers will be the same as the "mother" plant.

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