How to Keep Geraniums Blooming


Geraniums are classic garden plants that feature beautiful green leaves and brightly colored delicate blooms. While some people grow geraniums indoors during the winter months, they do particularly well outdoors during warmer months. You can winter over your geraniums by taking clippings, rooting them and growing them indoors. If you treat your geraniums well, you will be rewarded with nearly continuous blossoms that will lift your mood year-round.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Garden clippers
  • 14-14-14 fertilizer
    1. Plant your geraniums in a sunny spot, as they generally need six to eight hours of full sun each and every day. If you do not have a location that is sunny enough, consider using a special gardening lamp to provide your plant with enough light. Geraniums produce more blooms when they have adequate light.
    2. Water your geranium, but do not over-saturate it. Many people advocate waiting until the soil feels dry to the touch before watering.
    3. Use a 14-14-14 fertilizer ever two weeks to ensure that your geranium is well fed. They generally require lots of nutrients, so if you skip the fertilizer, you may find that your plant grows very slowly and ceases blooming.
    4. Prune your geraniums to within 2 or 3 inches of the ground as the blossoming period winds down in order to encourage new growth and blossoms. If you have a continually blooming variety, you may still wish to prune the plant occasionally to ensure that fresh blooms are given a chance to grow. If you do not prune your plant, you must at least pinch off blossoms as they fade in order to help your plant direct its energy towards creating new blossoms.

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