Indoor Winter Geraniums


  • Indoor geraniums can be grown throughout the year, even during cold winters when the flowers in your garden fail. With enough light and proper care, your indoor winter geraniums will continue to provide scent and color to your home during the worst of weather. Geraniums are attractive and highly colorful, blooming in many different shades.

Cherry Orbit

  • Cherry Orbit geraniums are a type of hybrid Pelargonium geranium, which grows pink, orange or red blossoms. Cherry Orbits thrive indoors and outdoors, but can only tolerate warm weather. Because Cherry Orbit geraniums grow easily in smaller containers, they make wonderful house plants for indoor gardeners who want to add life and color to their homes.

Martha Washington Geraniums

  • Martha Washington geraniums, also known as Lady Washingtons, are often sold during the winter as indoor-loving plants. Martha Washington geraniums do not grow well in heat, which makes them good plants for temperature-controlled environments. The bright blooms grow in a variety of colors, from dark purple to sunshine yellow. Place your Martha Washingtons near a window, as they require 50- to 60-degree temperatures at night to bloom properly.

Skeleton Rose-Scented Geranium

  • Roses do not make good indoor plants, but geraniums are perfect as winter-blooming houseplants. Skeleton rose-scented geraniums provide the best of both worlds: heavily scented blooms that grow well indoors. The leaves of skeleton rose-scented geraniums actually smell like rose blossoms, while the blooms give you a classic geranium look in a reddish color. Keep this indoor plant near a sunny window, and fertilize it monthly to keep it at maximum health.

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