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How to Prune & De-Bud Geraniums


There has been an imposter growing happily in many gardens for a long time: the pelargonium. This is the plant most gardeners refer to as geranium, even though it is an entirely different species than the true geranium. Geraniums bloom in small flowers in June and July in shades of pink, magenta and blue. Pruning geraniums is an important aspect of their care.



Things You’ll Need
  • Pruning shears
    1. Prune off dead stems and leaves in the spring, just before the growing season.
    2. Continue to cut off dead stems and flowers as they appear during the growing season. Pinch off buds occasionally. This will encourage the plant to produce more foliage, which in turn will produce more flowers.
    3. Cut the entire plant back to 6 inches in height in late summer. At this time, the outer edges of the geranium will begin to die back. If there is still green growth in the middle of the plant, cut back whatever is brown to as close to the base as you can, and leave the green growth and any flowers. When that growth dies back, cut the entire geranium so that all branches are 3 to 4 inches in length.
    4. Water the geranium heavily after pruning. Add water until the soil is saturated.

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