Do Ivy Geraniums Need to Be Pinched?

images The ivy geranium, one of the many varieties of zonal geranium (Pelargonium spp.), is a favorite flower in window boxes and hanging baskets. Ivy geraniums will bloom abundantly if pinched throughout the season.


  • Pinching an ivy geranium encourages branching, which makes the plant full. The more branching, the more flowers the plant will have.


  • Starting early in the season, pinching involves removing the tip of each branch. It can be done about once every three or four weeks until the weather gets hot—about mid-June for most gardeners. Flower buds will soon develop.


  • Deadheading, another type of pinching, encourages new buds to form in place of spent ones. It consists of simply pinching, snapping off, or pruning each flower stem after its flower fades.

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