The Color of Geraniums


According to the University of Minnesota, there exist over 200 species and hybrids of geraniums. Geraniums are part of a small group of plants that exhibit wide color variation in the flowers and leaves.

Flower Colors

  • Geraniums come in white, salmon, pink, red, lavender and fuchsia. One variety, the Lady Washington, even comes in yellow and purple-black.

Leaf Colors

  • Geranium leaves can be green in color, or green and white. The leaves can also contain yellows, oranges and reds.


  • Both leaves and flowers of geraniums exhibit patterns in their coloring. Flowers can show two colors speckled together, one color just on the flower petal edges, or one color forming lines from the center of the flower. Leaves can also exhibit patterning when the yellow, red, and orange accents create distinct patterned lines on the leaves.

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