Ivy Geranium


Ivy geraniums are common additions to hanging baskets and window boxes, especially in Europe. They can be grown from seed and require little maintenance. Unusual varieties include "crocodile" and "white mesh."


  • Ivy geraniums closely resemble the well-known "zonal" (garden variety) geranium. However, its petals are narrower and the leaves have a leathery appearance. Vines typically grow to be 2 feet long. Various colors are available.

Planting Considerations

  • Ivy geraniums are suitable to use as ground cover, provided they are planted in a protected area. Remove dead flower heads as necessary. For best results, fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer on a weekly basis. Misting geranium leaves is not advisable.


  • Ivy geraniums prefer full sunlight and do best when subjected to at least six hours of light per day. They tolerate medium humidity. Potting soil is recommended. Plant flowers in pots with bottom holes for adequate drainage. Always water plants with warm water.

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