Repotted Geraniums Are Dying


A repotted geranium that’s wilting, turning brown or showing other signs of distress is likely suffering from inadequate growing conditions. Correcting these conditions may allow you to save your plant.

Bad Soil

  • Geraniums like light, well-drained soil. If you have potted your geranium in heavy soil, soil that has a lot of clay content, or soil that does not drain well, the result will be root rot and a dead plant. Repot in well-drained soil mixed with sand or perlite.

Container Problems

  • Repotting a geranium in a pot that is too large or too small can cause stress to the plant. A pot that’s too small does not give roots room to grow, resulting in stunted growth and dying off. A pot that’s too large allows the soil to stay too wet. Potting in a container that does not allow sufficient drainage will also cause problems with soil that is too wet.

Watering Problems

  • Geraniums are finicky about watering. Provide too much water, and they become distressed. Provide too little water, and they will wilt and drop leaves. Allow the flowers and foliage to stay too wet, and the result is fungal diseases. Water the geranium when the soil feels dry and avoid watering the foliage and flowers.

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