Damage to Geraniums From Overwatering


Geraniums have deep green foliage and colorful blooms. While they are relativity easy to maintain, they don’t tolerate overwatering. Overwatering contributes to a variety of factors that may cause damage or death of the plant.


  • Overwatering geraniums contributes to root rot, a disease that can kill the geranium’s roots. In addition, it can lead to botrytis fungus, a disease that causes geranium blooms to dry out.


  • Overwatering also causes leaves to turn yellow. Yellow leaves often will drop off of the geranium. To prevent overwatering, allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings. Also confirm the geranium is planted in well-drained soil.


  • Overwatering also contributes to bud drop. The buds on the geranium drop off of the plant before they have a chance to fully bloom. Some blooms may open up prior to dropping off, but then they will dry out in the center.


  • Avoid watering the geranium if it has received water through rainfall within one week. If it has not received any water through rainfall, add enough water to moisten the soil throughout.

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