What Are the Characteristics of the Geranium?


  • Geraniums are reliable plants for your landscaping. They provide color and attractive foliage for the avid gardener or a beginner with a green thumb. You can grow them from seeds or purchase established plants. They are available in a variety of red, salmon and pink shades. Geraniums work well as bedding, potted or houseplants.

Long-blooming Flowers

  • Blooming from the late spring until frost, geraniums provide your flowerbeds or potted plants with long-lasting color to decorate your landscape.

Weather Resistant

  • Inclement weather conditions are tolerated well by geraniums, particularly new cultivars. Harsh rains and strong winds typically do not bother these hardy plants.

Soil Conditions

  • Well-aerated and porous soils work best for geraniums, although clay soils can be used with the addition of organic matter. The plants also tolerate occasional neglect in watering.


  • Many geraniums are grown for their attractive foliage and scents rather than the blooms. Some scents are nutmeg, peach, rose and lemon. A geranium plant even exists that is marketed as a "mosquito plant" since it has a citronella scent.

Pests and Diseases

  • The disease-resistant aspect of geranium plants makes it a good choice for most gardeners. Always deadhead the spent blossoms to help prevent boytritis, which can kill the plant, especially during wet seasons. Allow plenty of spacing in between plants to ensure proper air circulation.


  • The attractive foliage is one of the reasons for the popularity of geraniums. Many cultivars have scalloped foliage, and others have velvety leaves with dark spots.

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