Geraniums & Ants


Not only are geraniums attractive and long-blooming garden plants, they have some anti-pest uses that can help control your ant problem. However, it’s impractical to harvest your own flowers to repel ants.


  • Geraniums contain a substance that repels ants, known as geraniol. This substance can be used in natural pest control products to get rid of ants around the home without introducing chemicals.


  • Geranium isn’t the only plant to contain this substance. Lemon, citronella and palmarosa also contain this substance. Geraniol repels ants, mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches and flies.


  • There’s no practical way to harvest geraniol from geranium plants. If you want to use natural pest repellents to control ants around your home, purchase geranium essential oil or products that contain geraniol.

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