Geraniums & Termites


Botanists have developed more than 400 varieties of geranium. These flowering plants grow throughout the temperate climates of the world. Several pests, including termites, can infest and damage geraniums.


  • Subterranean termites can infest potted geraniums as well as those plants rooted in the ground. These insects tunnel into the plant’s stems. Infected geraniums wilt, turn yellow, and eventually die. Gardeners can confirm termite infestation by checking for termite tunnels made in the soil around the injured geranium.


  • Prevent termite infestations by keeping potted geraniums and flower beds clear of dead plant materials. Termites feed on damp, woody material. Dead leaves, damp cardboard, and planks of wood or large branches provide both shelter and a food source for termite colonies.


  • Clean flower beds or pots of damp, dead leaves and destroy any termite tunnels. Kill any remaining termites by treating the soil with an insecticide. Homeowners should carefully check the foundation to ensure that termites did not damage the home.

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