Will Geraniums Take Root in Water?


Geraniums are attractive, easy-to-grow flowers. They come in many different colors and are popular both in the garden and as houseplants. In the garden they will spread to cover large areas, if allowed.


  • Many different kind of geraniums are cultivated for specific characteristics. Each one has qualities — leaves, color or hardiness — that set it apart from the others, such as the ivy geranium, hardy geranium and zonal geranium.


  • All varieties of geraniums can be rooted in water. A cutting 3 or 4 inches long is dipped in rooting hormone, then placed in a small pot filled with water and perlite or another porous medium. Roots will appear after about six or eight weeks.


  • Rooted cuttings can be transplanted into well-drained soil once the roots are over an inch long. The plant needs sunlight and water at this point. Once it starts, it will grow into a copy of the original plant.

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