How to Revive Geraniums


With the proper care, geraniums can survive the winter and fill your garden with their bright flowers each and every year. However, geraniums cannot survive frost and, if you leave them in the ground during the winter, they will die. To keep your geraniums alive for the following season, you will need to pull the plants from the ground, store them properly for the winter and then revive them in the spring when the time is right.

Moderately Easy


    1. Cut back geraniums to remove all dead blooms and damaged stems.
    2. Dig up the geraniums being careful not to damage the roots. Place them in paper bags, one per bag.
    3. Store the bags in a cool, dark place for the winter where the temperature stays between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
    4. Remove them from the bags three times during the winter and soak the roots in water for two hours. Replace them in the bags after you soak them.
    5. Remove from the bags in March or April. Discard any shriveled plants.
    6. Plant geraniums in pots with potting soil. Place in a sunny spot and water regularly for three weeks. Replant in your garden after three or four weeks when new growth is evident.

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