What Can I Plant With My Pink Geranium?


Wherever there are summer flowers, there is usually geranium. Whether in borders, beds, hanging baskets or window boxes, this annual provides an pop of color at a manageable size and is easy to care for. Consider color, light requirements and moisture requirements when looking for companion plants for geranium.

Color Considerations

  • Pink geranium will coexist peacefully with colors that sit close to pink on a color wheel, such as red, magenta and orange. Try red geranium, magenta petunia and orange butterfly weed. To make pink geranium pop, plant among colors further away from pink on a color wheel. These can include blue lobelia or lime green zinnia.

Light Considerations

  • Geranium performs best in a spot that gets six or more hours of sun per day. Fortunately, many flowering plants also prefer full sun. Some that would match well with pink geranium include blanket flower, marigold and phlox.

Moisture Considerations

  • Geranium appreciates rich soil that drains well. Other plants that share this preference include heliotrope, pentas, salvia, coneflower and scabiosa.

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