How to Store Geraniums in Your Basement for the Winter


The plants we call geraniums are really pelargoniums. In cold climates, they are often treated as annuals, but pelargoniums are really perennials that can withstand a few degrees of frost before being killed. To avoid the expense of buying full grown plants or the hassle of growing more from seed every spring, you can overwinter them. This is easily done by taking advantage of the plant’s natural requirement for a rest or dormant period.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Spade
  • Large pot or other container
  • String
  • Heated garage, shed or basement


  1. Dig up pelargoniums from your garden. Place them in a container, or shake off the soil if you are going to hang them up.
  2. Move potted pelargoniums or the plants you have dug up into a heated garage, shed or basement. Tie string around each bare-root plant and hang it from a wall or ceiling.
  3. Let the plants dry out.
  4. Bring the plants back upstairs and into the light in March. Trim away all the dead leaves and stalks. If your plants are bare-root, repot them into containers.
  5. Water the plants regularly. You will see new growth in a few days.

Tips & Warnings

  • Growing pelargoniums in pots makes it easy to move them inside.

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