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How to Arrange Tulips

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Creating floral arrangements with tulips is easy and eye-pleasing. With the array of colors and the sturdy stems they are a favorite to work with. An interesting note about tulips is that they are the only flower that keeps growing after being cut. Following a few basic steps will ensure that your arrangement stays fresh and adds a pop of color to your home decor or dining table.



Things You’ll Need
  • Tulips Mason jars, various heights Raffia, natural colored
    1. Cut the flower stems at an angle to help the flower absorb the water better. Cut the stems underwater to help keep them fresh and from wilting sooner. Store in a container of water while waiting to arrange.
    2. Prick the throat of each tulip to stop the growing process in the arrangement. Use a safety pin and prick the stem right about 1/2 inch below the flower.
    3. Fill the mason jars about 3/4 full with cold water. Add a flower preservative to help the flowers last longer.
    4. Remove any leaves on the stems that will be under the water. Leaves will rot in left underwater and this clouds the water which makes the arrangement unattractive if using clear containers.
    5. Measure the flowers against the jars to see what height to cut them. For professional looking arrangements, place taller flowers in the middle with shorter flowers around the edges of the arrangement. Measure the taller flowers first and cut to fit; then insert into the jar. Cut the shorter flowers next and insert around the edges of the taller flowers in the jar. Do this for each jar. Use about three to four jars of varying heights to make an attractive centerpiece.
    6. Wrap a piece of raffia about the outside of the jar twice. Tie into a bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • To help the flowers last longer, refill the jars with fresh water every other day and recut the stems at an angle.

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