Tulip Facts

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One of the most popular spring flowers is the tulip. These lovely flowers have long been closely associated with Holland, but the flower is native to Turkey and central Asia. Tulips are big business in Holland, where tulip bulbs were once used as currency. Holland remains the leading producer of tulip bulbs, with more than 3 billion cultivated each year.


  • To bloom in the spring, the bulbs should be planted the previous fall or winter.

Growing Needs

  • Tulips are considered a tolerant flower, so although they do best in a well-drained, loose soil, they will bloom in just about any soil environment as long as it isn’t too soggy.


  • Tulips are available in many colors, including pink, white, red, yellow and purple. Some varieties are multicolored.

Different Varieties

  • Among the many tulip varieties are early-, mid- and late-season selections. If you want to enjoy tulips for more than just a few weeks in the spring, you can plant several different types with different blooming periods.

Container Plant

  • With some effort, you can grow tulips indoors. Just plant the bulbs in a flower pot and place them in the cold outdoors for 2 or 3 weeks. When you bring the plant into the warm indoors, the bulbs will bloom.

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