What Do Pink Tulips Represent?

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Pink tulips are happy flowers that represent the finer things in life. They were named for the headdresses worn by the Persians of the Middle East over a thousand years ago.

European Roots

  • In Holland, the phase tulipomania was coined during the seventeenth century when tulips became popular, and as such, these flowers are still associated with Europe.

Displays of Confidence

  • These blossoms symbolize confidence with their tall stems and bright colors and are usually worn by those who wear vivid clothes. A pink tulip lover is known to be exuberant and self-assured.

Caring and Compassionate

  • The blooms also represent care, compassion, and consideration, qualities of the individual who wears or sends them.

Blissful Cheer

  • Anyone who wishes to spread cheerful messages to their friends and loved ones should send a bouquet of pink tulips, for they are a symbolic representation of the ultimate happiness a person could achieve.

Chic Elegance

  • Rooms where vases of these colorful flowers exist are bound to be refined and stylish; full of elegance and grace.

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