Why Is My Tulip Poplar Losing Leaves in the Summer?


The tulip poplar is a moderate- to fast-growing tree and can reach heights of 100 feet. It has yellow, gold and green tones both in its leaves and flowers.

Losing Leaves

  • If a tulip poplar is losing leaves in the summer, it is usually because if the weather. If it is hot and dry, the leaves may develop brown spots, yellow and fall off.

Bloom Time

  • The tulip poplar blooms in mid-spring.


  • The species is native to the east and southeast United States, and flourishes in moderate conditions.

Growing Conditions

  • Tulip poplars are particular about soil and moisture conditions. Tulip poplars thrive in moderately moist environments and seldom do well in either very dry or very moist conditions. The soil should be well-drained.


  • The trees require direct sunlight and will not thrive in shade.


  • Tulip poplars are usually free from disease and insect infestations. The tree can occasionally develop cankers, mildew or leaf spots. The species does not tolerate shade, excessive wind or ice.

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