Tulip Poplar Facts


The tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)—also known as yellow-poplar, whitewood, tulip tree and tulip magnolia—-is not actually a poplar; it belongs to the magnolia family. It is the state tree of Kentucky.


  • It is primarily found in the eastern and southeastern part of the United Sates. A tulip poplar tree can grow up to a height of 120 feet, making it the tallest tree in the eastern United Sates.


  • The tulip poplar blooms in mid-spring, from April to June. The tulip-shaped flowers are greenish-yellow in color and emerge near the top of the tree.


  • It is a popular option for reforestation because it grows quickly and resists damage from disease and insects. If left exposed, the tulip poplar can suffer from wind and ice damage.


  • The tulip polar is used to make plywood, veneer and furniture, because its light, soft wood is easy to manipulate.


  • Tulip poplar heartwood is a popular choice in the construction industry because it is highly resistant to termites and decay.


  • Its most common enemies are the fusarium and nectria canker, and the yellow-polar weevil.

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