Parrot Tulip Information


Parrot tulips are a type of flowering plant commonly found in gardens throughout the United States. Known for their diverse range of colors and distinctive shape, parrot tulips are commonly used as cut flowers in arrangements in bouquets


  • The parrot tulip has the same basic bowl shape of other tulips but more rounded with softer, wavy edges to the petals. Each flower grows individually on its own stem from the base of the plant instead of in clusters.


  • Parrot tulips are available in a large selection of colors known as varieties. Examples of common parrot tulips include apricot, fantasy, rococo and Texas flame.


  • Parrot tulip plants range in height from 12 to 28 inches, with the average size being 16 inches.

Time Frame

  • Parrot tulips are perennials, meaning the flowers bloom many times throughout the life cycle of the plant. The parrot tulip flower typically blossoms from mid- to late spring.


  • Parrot tulips are sensitive to extreme cold or wet conditions, making them more suited for protected instead of open areas.

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