Characteristics of a Parrot Tulip


Parrot tulips, which resemble the namesake tropical birds, are a variation of the classic tulip. These flamboyant flowers, with their notable curled, twisted and wavy petals, stand out in any garden.


  • Parrot tulips come in a variety of bright colors, including white, pink, gold, yellow, orange, red and purple. The petals generally have fringed or serrated edges.


  • Each stem hosts one large, cup-shaped flower bloom. As the flower bloom opens, it gets wider and wider until it is almost flat like a plate.


  • Parrot tulips are sensitive to weather, and don’t fare well in cold, wet weather. The petals are easily damaged by rain and wind.

Time Frame

  • The parrot tulip blooms in mid to late spring.


  • The parrot tulip is usually about 12-28 inches tall, averaging about 16 inches, making it a great background or border pant.


  • Some varieties of parrot tulip include the Apricot Parrot, Black Parrot, Blue Parrot, Estella Rynveldt, Fantasy, Flaming Parrot, Orange Favourite, Rococo, Texas Flame, Texas Gold and White Parrot.

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