How to Avoid Drooping Tulips


Gardeners in Fort Worth, Texas can easily grow Tulips in their gardens and enjoy the pleasure they get from clipping them and putting them in a vase. Drooping tulips are a problem to some and florists shops have learned long ago how to avoid Tulip droop. Here’s one method to check with your favorite Fort Worth florist.



Things You’ll Need
  • fresh tulips from garden or florist
  • scissors
  • clear glass vase
  • clean tap water
  • all copper penny
    1. Select a clear glass vase to see water

      Choose a nice clear glass or crystal vase so you can seethrough and check the water over time.

      Be sure the clear glass vase in tall enough to properly display Tulips and has enough height to allow stems to fit inside to bottom of glass.

      Tulips display better if they are in a tall vase, it enhances their aesthetic impact and allows good visibility of blooms and color reflections in glass.

      A tall vase also allows sufficient amount of Tulip stem-absorbing material to capture nutrients from the water.

    2. Pick good tulips

      Pick the really good tulips from your garden or a florists bunch you want to keep. Flowers from bulbs such as hyacinths, iris, and tulips characteristically have soft stems.

      They should be cut where the green on the stem starts-just above the white bulb.

      Pick the tulips you want to save in a vase of water.

    3. Use clear cold tap water

      Fill the clear vase with cold, clear tap water or natural rainwater from garden rain barrel. Most bulbs bloom when the air and ground remain at low temperatures, the tulips fare much better in a vase of cold water.

      The cold water is kin to what the flowers are used to in their natural environment, prolonging their ability to capture the water.

      Fill vase almost full.

    4. Find wheat pennies, they are solid copper or use copper pipe ring pieces

      Before placing tulips in clear water, drop in a copper penny. The copper in the penny works like an acidifier, decreasing the pH of the water. It is also a good fungicide. Unfortunately, solid copper pennies are no longer being minted. Look for early dated pennies, pre-1964 for the ones that will have almost 100 percent copper content. The pennies with the wheat stalks on the back side are easy to spot, but be aware some are valuable. Get a coin booklet or go online to check values before using.

      Collect several solid copper pennies and save them in a special place for use every time you have a new vase of Tulips to prepare. You will be able to reuse them so do not discard them when you empty the dirty water from the clear vase before cleaning,. Keep a small dish near your sink to remind you to keep the pennies and re-use them.

    5. Avoid those drooping tulips like this one

      Avoid those drooping tulips, drop a penny in the water. Keep the bunch fresh.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use clear glass vase so you can check water murkiness for changing.

  • Use only clear clean cold water.

  • Cut Tulip stems with sharp scissors at acute angle.

  • Do not discard penny when changing water, save for reuse.

  • Do not let animals drink the Tulip water.

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