How to Grow Tulips Anytime

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Tulips are a delight to watch.They can be planted anytime in the season.all you need is a little precaution and you can enjoy tulips even in winters.They can be planted indoors in pots and enjoyed during cold winters too.



    1. Choose your flowerpots.They could be ceramic or metal.They should have drainage holes at the bottom.Fill it with potting soil.You could also add compost to it.If you are adding compost make sure it is 1/3 of your potting soil.

    2. Pick your tulip bulbs.Examine them to see if they are rotting or good to be planted.Plant these bulbs side by side in the soil.Make sure you leave some space between bulbs but not too much.

    3. Cover them with potting soil leaving 2 inches.This is to provide enough space for the water.Fill the space with water and let it flow out of the drainage hole.Place them in a bright area like near your window.Moisten the soil evenly and begin watering the plant when the leaves begin to grow.Th flowers should grow in a short while.

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